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Hello and welcome to the blog.

On today’s blog we’re going to be talking about Traveler’s Notebooks(TN). They are the reason behind the opening of my Etsy shop. I have always had a love of notebooks and stationery, back to school shopping was my favorite time of year. So it only made sense that when I was introduced my first travelers notebook it was instant love.  I had found my perfect planner. Note that I said planner and not size. Oh I have gone through the sizes. I’m currently using a B6 and other than the original size this has been what I like to call my happy size. Not too tall, not to skinny. Dare I say perfect?

When I started using a TN the community was still pretty small, growing but small. The information when you would type “Traveler’s Notebook” into google was not anywhere near as overwhelming and sometimes confusing as it is now. I started seeing a lot of the same questions being asked over and over again. So I decided to do a series of videos covering all the things (ok I’m sure I missed something) Traveler’s Notebook.

The best part of making these videos has been rediscovering things I had set aside and some of the new things that I had only just tried. Really remembering why I feel in love with this system and how well it works for me.

Welcome to the rabbit hole, as your sliding down don’t forget to say hi.

This is the first video in a series for those new or might need a refresher in TN’s. Enjoy!

Links from video:

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