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The Story of Tyrian

Hi my name is Amy. I am a Graphic Designer. I love notebooks… and pens… and stickers… and… Do you see the pattern? I have always loved going shopping for school supplies. So when I first saw a Traveler’s Notebook (TN) it is not surprising that I slid down the rabbit hole with both arms in the air, squealing in delight. That was over three years ago and some days I feel like I’m still that super excited girl. I quickly realized that the notebooks (inserts) for TN’s weren’t quite what I wanted. That is the moment I started designing my first insert and then my second… I don’t know how many different designs I’ve done but I know I have so many more to do.

Stickers, I think the kid in all of us loves a good sticker. It doesn’t matter if it’s a planner sticker that just works perfect for me. An awesome vinyl design that will look bad ass on the back of my laptop. Or a layered vinyl with glitter that sparkles in the light and just makes me smile no matter what’s going on.

I like the simple things in life, like puppy snuggles, good trip up north and all things PURPLE. Tyrian is a color purple, Tyrion is a charater in Game of Thrones, while I am a GOT fan that is not the inspiration for my business name. Purple and me go back to the beginning, I’ve never had a different favorite color. Tyrian is a royal purple, so more red than blue, I knew right away that it was my color and it all just made sense.

Welcome to Tyrian Design.